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Matthew: Enjoy the sweet translation in the true language of the faith, first given to us by William Tyndale.
Prologue to Romans: By Tyndale and Luther, updated. A true blessing.
Romans:  Much clearer, following Tyndale.
1 Corinthians: For ploughboys and kings.

Guide to the notes and commentaries in the posted books

Except the square-bracketed items, left margin notes on each page are Tyndale’s, from his 1534 New Testament, and the notes at chapter ends, called “The Notes”, are from John Rogers. Note, however, that Rogers' notes may be his own or taken from others, including Tyndale, Luther and other Reformers, and various Church fathers. ( Thus Tyndale's commentaries may appear both in the margins and in the end notes. This formatting follows generally John Rogers' in the 1549 Matthew Bible.) Rogers' notes are broad ranging, and may be historical, philological, doctrinal, or other.

This editor’s notes may include comments on old English words, or brief definitions of Greek terms taken from Strong’s Concordance, with Strong’s numbers provided. There are also notes identifying some of Rogers' references, for example explaining who Pliny and Vegetius were, and historical and doctrinal notes. As to doctrine, when Rogers published the Matthew Bible in the 16th century, he was concerned to shed light upon issues that were then particularly problematic, such as justification by faith alone. In the same spirit, we occasionally add notes concerning current issues, drawn mainly from the teaching of Tyndale, Miles Coverdale, Martin Luther, John Chrysostom, Richard Hooker, or others.  An example is the place and importance of the Lord's Supper. As the work progressed, we began to indicate the source in italics at the end of some notes (for example, if taken from the Parker Society's collections of Miles Coverdale's works, we may reference  Pearl or Remains).

In the right column are parallel scripture references. These are taken from the Matthew Bible and Tyndale’s 1534 New Testament, or are provided by this editor. Given that they refer to other verses in the Matthew Bible, they may seem mysterious where the Matthew Bible differs from other bibles.

The full New Matthew Bible will be limited to original content, unless we receive strong feedback otherwise. However it was felt that there was much to be shared and learned concerning this New Testament of the Reformation, the early English, how the editor updated, etc. Readers will have an opportunity to understand the project better through Ruth's early New Testament, which will hopefully be published before Christmas 2015, in anticipation of the full work, which is targetted for 2020.



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